Reciprocal links between football sites

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Reciprocal links between football sites

Post by Ethiaa » Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:36 am

We maintain a list of nice people who link to Roverstalk here so that we can link back to them and give them a bit of blurb. Like all things, we don't vouch for the quality of the information you find on sites here, they were just kind enough to give us a link so we are doing the same. Good karma you see. If you just go posting links to your site, expect them and you to mysteriously vanish.

Football T-shirts website
These nice chaps have regular t-shirt giveaways and have a cracking selection of the non ball orientated type as well. You are what you wear and all that which is why I'm never out of flipflops and a hawaiian. Oh yes.
Throughout the 2008/09 campaign Playerform have rated the performances of every player in every League game to find out who have been the top performers at each of the 92 League clubs.

The Rovers Return: A Blackburn Rovers blog
Decent blog with a myriad of links to other sites who apparently gave us a link without me even asking. How nice is he. Pretty nice.

Extreme Footy Forums
A new (and therefore fairly quiet) forum only site for all football supporters - needs some more members and probably some irritating guy for everyone to take the piss out of. Maybe one of you should volunteer as Nicko is already otherwise employed.

It's a hand picked directory of links to official and fan sites for an awful lot of football clubs - ideal to finding a forum to annoy the opposition on or figure out who that John Doe midfielder was.

North Lancs Rovers
The North Lancs Branch of The Blackburn Rovers Supporters Association. These boys and girls are great guys and provide some great services like coach travel facility to home games.

Vital Football
The Blackburn bit of the Vital Football network. They like to use the word vital a lot but otherwise quite an interesting site. And they answer their emails too!

Apparently, these chaps are the "central directory for English soccer on the net". However, they call it soccer so I think they might be lying.

East Midlands Football
A website for "Supporters Of East Midlands Football Clubs". Interesting premise to develop a regional football hub - bet there are some tasty discussions on there. About Villa.