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Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:33 pm
by 4,000 Holes
Promotion fever is rife and to add to the excitement you'll hopefully be delighted to know that a brand new edition of 4,000 Holes is ready and waiting for you! ISSUE 90 IS AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW! For just £1.50, we've got the usual full-colour 32-page fanzine packed full of regular and new features. We catch up on quotes from the terraces, our regular columnists give their versions of recent events, we reveal the latest mystery man in the "Who Were You?" series and launch a brand new "Sliding Doors" series exploring how things might have turned out differently in Rovers' history. We also have the customary mix of satire, poetry, cartoons, quizzes and a Rovers crossword.

To order your copy, please pay directly via PayPal by CLICKING HERE. Alternatively to purchase through eBay CLICK HERE. And if you prefer avoiding P&P fees and want to grab a copy in person, the fanzine will be sold outside Ewood before all March games (at the bottom of Kidder Street).