General Election

There must be more to life than football?
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Re: General Election

Post by mrblackbat » Wed May 23, 2018 6:44 am

Yes there's the possibility of contaminants caused from fracking. Scientists are generally undecided yet as to how bad they are. But the same applies to other energy sources: oil wells leak and cause major health issues, perhaps we should compare those to a drug that affected pregnancies to cause deformities.... :doh:

If you want to know a really greedy and dirty way of meeting energy needs, its the so called green EU energy coming from biomass: i.e. burning trees. But it's "renewable" so that's alright, right?

As for Corbyn, he's a principled anti nuclear campaigned who's committed to spending billions on a nuclear weapons system if elected. Some principles, huh! That'd be your NHS bill right there.... ;) and tact and diplomacy? He demonstrates neither of those qualities on a regular basis. Diplomacy and principles really don't go hand in hand at all. The whole point of diplomacy is to slowly bend someone to your way of thinking, by slowly bending your way of thinking to theirs. And to try and think this can be achieved with religious fundamentalists? :yeahright:

Lastly, as I said, it's the "we" I object to. You seem to assume that because I'm not a Labour supporter I'm a tory. Which is exactly the problem: party politics are a cancer, a divisive force that pits "us" against them. Rather than focussing on actual issues everythong turns into a mud sling. As the Labour and Conservative parties both demonstrate on a near daily basis, they don't soeak with a single voice, they bicker and squabble just as much internally as they do with one another. Yet you refer to "we".

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Re: General Election

Post by Rover the Top » Wed May 23, 2018 10:33 am

Jim wrote:
Tue May 22, 2018 7:15 pm
He’s a very right wing Labour rep
And that there is what makes it so entertaining to watch from the outside. He's not far-right, he's a normal left-wing Labour activist who disagrees with the path Momentum want to take the party down and helped get someone else selected as candidate for the forthcoming by-election. So he's had his character assassinated by some high-profile Corbyn supporters on Twitter, who've trawled through his past to find something they can present that makes him look bad when taken completely out of context. Basically, he's been suspended for pointing out that ISIS are evil fuckers. :?

And the fun part is seeing the rabid mob spitting their vitriol at him and anyone who tells the full story, the lack of self-awareness is just astonishing.

We've got an awful Prime Minister, a government that is making fundamental cock ups on a regular basis, and yet the opposition are too busy fighting themselves to put them under any pressure. I keep hoping the three main parties will finally self destruct and something more credible rises from their ashes. We don't need left and right, we need something that works for everyone (and that's true left and right, not left and right-of-Stalin/Mao/Castro... ;) )

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