EAST CHESHIRE to bid for the 2026 World Cup !

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EAST CHESHIRE to bid for the 2026 World Cup !

Post by daib0 » Fri Jun 05, 2015 5:08 pm

from a Blackpool fan pal -

I was going to post this in general footy but I hope you'll understand why it's here...

Good luck to them!


We want to bring the tournament to East Cheshire

We are delighted to announce that the town of Macclesfield will be launching a bid to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. After intense discussions with the relevant authorities, the town will be launching an official bid for the prestigious competition.

The tournament will run from Thursday June 11th 2026 until Sunday July 12th and will feature the very best talent from world football. With exceptional facilities in and around the Macclesfield area and a footballing history to rival any previous host we are confident that this World Cup can be as successful as any.

Given the current predicament that FIFA finds itself in, we feel it is vital that a sensible bid is submitted for the next World Cup. This tournament will provide a sustainable and comfortable tournament for the associations of FIFA and the football family.

Here is a breakdown of the bid in full.


The Moss Rose Stadium in Macclesfield will host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the FIFA 2026 World Cup Final. Both ceremonies will be conducted by Macclesfield legends David Dickinson and John Askey.

Venue / Capacity / Opened

The Moss Rose Stadium (Macclesfield Town FC)

Booth Street (Congelton Town FC)

King George V Playing Field,
200 and 14 dogs

Tytherington Playing Field
150 and 12 dogs

Mount Vernon Playing Field,
137 and 12 dogs

Weston Playing Field,
124 and 8 dogs

Bollington Cross Playing Fields,
120 and 8 dogs

Mary Dendy Playing Fields
200 and 12 dogs

Training Facilities

Each of the below pitches will be made available to participating teams, although it is the responsibility of each association to make sure that the pitch is clear of dog foul prior to the start of each session.

Bollington Atax Playing Field,
Bollington Cross Playing Field
Bollington Recreation Ground Playing Field
Chorley Hall Playing Field Alderley Edge
Deva Close Playing Field
Hazelbridge Road Playing Field
Jim Evison Playing Field
Midway Playing Field
Victoria Park Playing Field


Because the average temperature in Macclesfield in June is a whopping 14.1°C we recommend that air conditioned stadia are used.

Media Facilities

Free WIFI is available at Macclesfield Library and this will continue throughout the tournament.

Travel and Accommodation

With superb links to Manchester Airport, the town of Macclesfield is ideal for travelling spectators. The town is serviced by numerous bus routes, and Moose Tours will also be on hand to provide travel support for supporters. Silvertown cabs will also be on hand to help out!
According to Trip Advisor there are up to six hotels in Macclesfield, as well as 16 B&B's. More than adequate for a World Cup.

Food And Drink

With plenty of Brassingtons pies and Marston's beer in town, people are sure not to go without at this tournament.

Cost Of The Tournament

We predict a total cost of £249.99 for the tournament. This include supplying new nets in all of the training facilitates. A budget of £40.00 has also been set aside for gifts to the FIFA Family. :D :lol:

What Next?

We will submit our formal proposal to FIFA later this year and hope to be given the go ahead to host the tournament next year.


What else would you want to know? We have covered everything. If you do have any questions, please write to macclesfield2026@mtfc.co.uk

Read more at http://www.mtfc.co.uk/news/article/macc ... 6bcKjUA.99

:D :D :D

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