Any audiophiles here.....

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Re: Any audiophiles here.....

Post by mrblackbat » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:53 am

After spending time playing with various apps and listening to speakers, went with the ever so boring Sonos. But their app is so much better than the rest, and the speakers are good quality (albeit expensive comparatively).

Got a pair of Sonos Play:3s set up in a stereo pair, pretty easy to configure (some initial problem not paying attention to the way to set up the pair and one connecting to my extender rather than main router....). Sound is good once you turn off "loudness" and eq it; power plenty for the 4m2 room they're in.

No hi-res support, but I can't hear the difference between CD quality and above anyway. If I'm honest, I can only tell the difference between CD and 160kbps MP3 if I'm really paying attention.....

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