Bolton v Blackburn Rovers, Sat 6 Oct 2018, KO 17:30

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What is Bolton bolting to?

Michael Bolton's newly released record, Missing My Long Hair and Inspiration
To the nearest fiefdom
The collaboration of Michael Bolton and the Fibbin Gibbons, Bolt-on Bolton
Watching Igor Tudor bowl a ton of Nordic Bakeware bowls with Michael Bolton
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Seeing Kestrels eat a ton of bowls of porridge so they can wander over and poop on my car
Find the arable farmers listening to Michael Bolton while they sow the field full of sorghum
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Re: Bolton v Blackburn Rovers, Sat 6 Oct 2018, KO 17:30

Post by Gaz » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:58 pm

stillgrowling wrote:
Mon Oct 08, 2018 1:33 pm
So there I was, just finishing dinner in my hotel in Bulgaria, wandered over to the bar/lounge as there was football on, probably some Bulgarian or German side but, wait a minute, is that Dack on the ball? And it was, watched the last hour of the match live, a real treat.
Although Bolton dominated the second half Rovers defence was up to it, and the trots never looked like scoring. Excellent defensive display from Rovers.
The more the season goes on, the more I think we need cover at cf -if Danny suffers an injury we would be in the poo poo. Overall, I'm satisfied with the lads performance this season, although almost resigned to losing Dack in January.
We have a player we’ve paid 6 million for on the bench!!

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