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Fans Utd AMF

Post by Bpool_fan_in_peace » Mon Mar 30, 2015 7:39 pm

You know that day when the fixtures come out and the first thing we all do is look for our best away trip? And who the last game be will against? And sometimes it’s one of those when it all comes together and we’re going away on the last day to the seaside on a Bank Holiday jollyboys. Most of you might have looked for a Blackpool weekender in your fixtures – there isn’t a league recently we haven’t been in!

Well this season, we’re inviting you all to have one with us – including Preston (but not Bolton)! We reckon It might be your last chance – no doubt we’re going down this year – but that’s not half the story.  We’re in serious danger of dropping out of the leagues altogether. What’s been done to us in the last few seasons could happen to any club in the country – there’s nothing in the way the modern game is run to stop it. We’re organising a massive fans united protest to stand shoulder to shoulder with other fans on May 2nd at Blackpool.  We’re inviting any of you that fancy a Blackpool trip on the last Saturday of the FL to come and show unity with other like-minded fans and show those that run the game that we can’t be ignored.

Most fans won’t have anything really to bother about by the last game – so come to Blackpool and get some cheap beer, a cheap B&B maybe and meet others who care about what used to be our game and our way of life.

In the words of another former club chairman, the owners of Blackpool ‘trousered the lot’ of the Premiership windfall.  What you probably don’t know is that they are taking fans through court for alleged libel, extracting money and apologies from us to stay out of court, goading us on message boards, and abusing fans with disabilities in personal texts (see FA text-gate investigation). We have to watch our step and what we say. But they can’t stop us boycotting and protesting. It’s our club, we want it back. It could be your club, and you wouldn’t stand for it either!

We want the last day to be our party. We know many of you from games in recent seasons or we’ve stood with you on England duty in years gone by. We know we’re stronger together than divided. We won’t stop fighting them – we have our own independent candidate standing in the General Election on May7th – you can show your support for him by liking the <> <>  and follow his campaign on twitter at @Vote4Andy2015 <>

Come and join us on May 2nd and show what real fans can do together.

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