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Post by theadore » Thu Sep 13, 2007 4:45 pm

did actually watch the game last night (in between dress dying duties)...

I thought we looked good in the first half especially... some good performances as said from Barry (especially) and Heskey. Problem I think barry might have is not Lampard coming back, but playing hargreaves away from home might force him out of the team and he'll be forgotten about once again.

But lets not get carried away... Russia looked toothless up front and still managed to score one (never a handball) and created some very good chances. Unless Cole (woeful at times last night) is dropped (which is unthinkable) I think we were looking at our first choice defence which makes it all the more worrying. We were coasting in the second half which is understandable so I wouldn't read too much into players like wright phillips, joe cole and gerrard taking less of an active role in the game.

We did the job, but i think there is still work to be done, especially against teams like Italy who will be more competitive in midfield and able to take chances.

p.s. Scotland.... :shock:

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