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Re: Thegreatglobalwarmingswindle

Post by mrblackbat » Fri Aug 20, 2021 7:05 pm


I think you're getting confused here with "a change" and "an urgent change". A question for you: have you become so indoctrinated into conspiracy theories, populism and mumbo jumbo that you're unable to reason? I used to think you were a reasonable person.

The changes to car tax made in 2001 were based directly on CO2 emissions. Diesel cars, for all their other concerns, give off less CO2 than petrol. The do contribute other emissions and pollutants, in particular particulates, that cause issues with health; but from a CO2 perspective they are lower.

However, car registrations continued to rise in the UK through to 2017 and petrol car registrations also continued to rise. "Urgent" change? No, not really. Ineffectual slow change, absolutely.

The closing down of coal power has been a success, but as you've shown, it's not been an urgent change; it's taken an awfully long time and coal is still widely used in the steel industry. And you could see the impact its had in the graphs I posted earlier. "Urgent" change? No, not really.

So yes, there are lots of slow changes that have had some effect in slowing the rate of making things worse. Which is why greater, more urgent action is required every time anyone looks at this. We've been bailing out a sinking ship without thinking to plug the hole, and slowly getting closer to being unable to keep pace with the flood.

Not hard for a rational person to follow..... when are you joining the flat earth society again?

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