Forum Guidelines - Please read before posting

Please read this section before posting. Or Don't.
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Forum Guidelines - Please read before posting

Post by Ethiaa » Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:54 am

Welcome to Roverstalk

Roverstalk was opened primarily as an escape from the restrictive and imbalanced moderation placed upon posters by other Rovers related forums and messageboards, mainly 606 by the BBC.

We felt that Rovers fans needed and deserved a messageboard where they could have intelligent discussion where the occassional disagreement will be tolerated and not frowned upon.

Here at Roverstalk we have created a friendly environment for Rovers fans to discuss a wide variety of topics in relative freedom.

We hope you enjoy using this forum, you will find the moderators friendly and very accomodating. However we are not an entirely lawless society so please take note of our posting guidelines listed below:

1 ) No advertising
We don't care if you're a bot or not, we'll still have to ban you.

2 ) Be nice
Racism, homophobia and other distasteful or inflammatory behaviour will not be tolerated in any shape or form. Postings that incite violence, or are of a discriminatory nature will not be tolerated. Repeated and unjustified hostility towards members is not welcome.

3 ) Keep it clean
If you feel the need to swear in your post then please do as long as it's not directed at any member in a vicious way.

4 ) No posting of copyrighted material
Please feel free to link to original articles. Linking to copyrighted material which is hosted illegally isn't going to win you any friends. If you do this, YOU are responsible for any legal implications. Please don't ask others for help in finding such material - we will just delete your posts.

5 ) Please use English
Minimal text speak is allowed - as long as we can understand you. Please keep capitals to a minimum - we can hear you.

6 ) Things are how they are for a reason
Signatures have been disabled to make the board clutter free. Websites in profiles are disabled to discourage spammers. Please don't ask to have them back.

7 ) Help your fellow fans
Please mark all topics that could be work-unfriendly as such (NSFW in the title is best). Please keep your avatars clean so we don't have to ask you to remove them.

8 ) Remember that you CAN be sued
Have a joke and a laugh but please do not abuse others. Treat everyone with respect. YOU are responsible for the content of your posts and although we will remove anything we see which we believe to be actionable, we do not routinely check all posts. If a legal bod comes asking for details about a poster, we are going to give them up without a fight. If you end up in court then it's your own fault.

9 ) Remember what a keyboard is for
Repeatedly posting pictures does not constitute adding to a discussion or a discussion in itself. This will be treated as spam.

Repeated or flagrant abuse of the above guidelines may result in a warning OR your account being revoked, and an instant ban from the site. We now have a policy that 3 warnings result in an instant ban. It's more than enough chances.


Roverstalk Moderating Team